Book scanning is the process of converting physical books into electronic books via image scanning. One of the most important tasks when scanning precious bound books and old documents is to ensure they are handled in the correct manner.

Kefron was the first scanning company in Ireland with the specialist skills to scan precious bound books. Our expertise in this area gives customers the peace of mind of knowing that their valuable books are treated with care and respect. We also offer archive management solutions and have experience of managing some of the largest archiving and archive management projects in Ireland.

Our state of the art Book Scanner produces high quality digital images of bound materials. Equipped with a digital camera, our Book Scanner can scan bound materials of a variety of sizes, and produce preservation quality black and white, greyscale and colour images.

When precious bound books are scanned into e-books, optical character recognition (OCR) is applied to make the images into text. Alternatively, the books can be stored in an image-type format like DjVu, Portable Document Format (PDF) or Tagged Image File Format (TIFF).

The ultimate output for our customers is a searchable e-book, in image and text format.

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