Why businesses need to go paperless now – James Smith article for ITProPortal

While some companies have embraced digital technology to go paper-free, with zero reliance on physical documents, for others it may seem unimaginable to operate their business on a daily basis without paper.

But adopting digital technology and going paperless is now crucial for companies to fall in line with Government policy and to assist with compliance to legislation, including the UK Government’s pledge to go paper-free by 2020 and GDPR that came into place in May 2018.

Therefore 2019 is the perfect time to ditch the paper and invest in technology that can bring automation across business functions and processes.

Kefron’s Head of UK Sales James Smith, recently wrote an article for ITProPortal, where he discusses the current situation in the UK and looks at some of the ways in which businesses can benefit from going paperless in 2019.


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