Whitepaper: Don’t Fall Victim to Fraud – Mitigate the Risks with AP Automation

No matter the size of your business, or the industry you’re in, your company is always at risk of becoming a victim of fraud. As invoice processing controls and regulates how cash leaves the business on a routine basis, it is no wonder that fraudsters see the Accounts Payable process as an easy target.

From setting up new suppliers, raising purchase orders and approving invoices, the Accounts Payable workflow is ripe with fraud opportunities and without sufficient internal control measures in place, fraudsters can gain easy access to your company’s processes and information. However, you can mitigate the risk of fraud and protect your company by implementing certain procedures, such as the automation of your invoicing process.

This whitepaper will examine how these incidences of fraud occur, both internally and externally, and the measures your company can take to protect itself from fraudsters.


Kefron AP is an innovative Accounts Payable Automation solution which digitises invoices for ease of processing, approval and record keeping. By eliminating the manual processing of invoices, we can help your business save money by helping to repurpose your team to more valuable tasks. Click here to learn more.

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