WEBINAR: How to Better Manage the Month End Mountain with Automation

Date: Wednesday 20th October 2021
Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 30 mins

  • Do you wish you could turn back the clock to the start of the month, every month ?
  • Are you dreading the end of the month because you know you’ll be working late doing lots of manual data entry ?
  • How much time are you spending dealing with those difficult suppliers going back and forth over small discrepancies ?
  • Are your relationships with suppliers strained because you’re paying late?

When relying on manual processes, ensuring speed and accuracy is almost impossible. Every month, finance teams across the world talk about how busy they are at month end.

Join this webinar, where we will be discussing how to Better Manage the Month End Mountain by automating the AP process. AP Automation benefits the month-end close by acting with speed, transparency and efficiency and allows key financial data to be accurately processed and reported on every day of the month, leading up to your month-end, resulting in a stress-free closing period.

    • Where do Finance teams lose the most time each month?
    • What is Accounts Payable Automation and how can it improve our month-end close?
    • Hear from Kefron customers about the metrics they are achieving through cloud based automation.
    • What’s involved in deploying AP Automation in your Finance processes?

To learn more about how Accounts Payable Automation can help your business, please click here.

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