WEBINAR: 2021 Invoice Automation – How to Achieve Return on Investment in 12 months or less

Date: Wednesday 10th February 2021
Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 30 mins

Return on investment is not always the acid-test for the decision around the acquisition of new software. Other factors such as the need to support remote working or the drive to digitise and streamline processes can now also be equally important.

In cases where ROI is a key objective, lots of Finance Leaders still carry the scars of projects that have gone wrong, finished over-budget or failed to deliver on their ROI promise.

The good news is that Accounts Payable Invoice Automation software is proven to deliver real returns and depending on the business in question, can deliver those returns within 12 months.

As a manual operation, the AP process can be slow, inefficient and error prone all of which adds unnecessary cost to the Finance Department.

Accounts payable automation is all about reducing costs, eliminating labour-intensive tasks, improving supplier communication and also helping to prevent fraud and minimise Covid-19 related disruption to your business.

So just how do you calculate the Return On Investment of accounts payable automation?

Join our webinar where we will analyse the impact that invoice automation can have on your accounts payable process and how ROI can be achieved in 12 months or less.

Can’t make the session on the day? Why not register anyway and we will make sure you receive the webinar content on demand.

To learn more about how Accounts Payable Automation can help your business, please click here.

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