Webinar: The Way Forward is Making Tax Digital

Date: Thursday 28th March 2019
Time: 11:00am
Duration: 45 mins

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a key part of the UK Government’s plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs.

With avoidable mistakes costing the Exchequer over £9 billion a year, HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) want companies to introduce software to store their digital VAT records and send returns using MTD-compatible software from 1st April 2019.

With this deadline approaching fast, companies have been left scrambling to get themselves ready in time. What do I need to do and by when? What does ‘compliance’ look like? What are the implications of not getting this right?

Join us at our webinar, in partnership with Steven Case, CEO at Finance Box, where we will help answer these questions, showing you the steps you can take in the short, medium and long term to comply with this new regulation, as well as showing you how AP Automation can help with the process, by reducing the manual effort of extracting key information from business records.

The reality is that businesses are now obliged to process tax returns and keep digital records. Using an MTD compatible accounting software solution is only half the battle. An Accounts Payable Automation solution ensures that invoices are converted to digitised records and the data they contain is properly captured for more accurate and easier digital tax submissions.

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