The Office Spring-Clean: Benefits Of Off-Site Document Storage Services

Spring is often recognised as a season of change. Cold weather is replaced by warmer temperatures and homes are spring-cleaned. But an office can benefit from a spring clean too, with a build-up of documents and files cramping workspace. A dedicated off-site document storage service can help remove this clutter from your office and vastly improve the working conditions for your staff.

There are genuine benefits to colleagues at every level, whose day is chiefly spent working in a set space. Just as a home needs to be freshened up and reorganised ready for the brightness of summer, an office should be cleared of the clutter that typically builds up, creating a more positive working environment and happier workforce.

Of course, simply discarding mountains of old files is not enough. A company’s documents and files are vital to simply running your business, and storage legislation requires businesses to archive these documents for set minimum periods of time.

Off-site document storage is the perfect solution, helping you to maintain corporate records while also contributing to a better bottom line.


5 Reasons To Choose Off-Site Document Storage

Create More Work Space

It’s the most logical benefit for every office. Moving your company files to an off-site document storage facility frees up a surprisingly large area of work space. The average four-drawer filing cabinet occupies 17 square feet, including the ‘standing space’ needed when standing in front of an open drawer. And with office space costing as much as €65 per square foot in Dublin, it means each cabinet is occupying €1,105 of real estate.

By transferring your files off-site to a professional document storage service provider, you remove the clutter that multiple filing cabinets can create and create greater space to work in.

Greater Document Security

While your office will have its own building security system, files themselves are not protected from prying eyes. An off-site document storage service stores important documents in a contained location, protected by security systems that ensure no-one but those who are authorised can gain access to them. Investing in CCTV cameras, electronic locks and other security features is not feasible, but an off-site storage provider will have made that investment anyway.

Continuity Despite Disaster

The problem with disasters – whether natural or man-made – is that they occur when least expected. Perhaps a storm felled trees that crashed through your office’s roof, or heavy rains caused severe flooding, or maybe a fire that ravages the workplace. Whatever the disaster might be, it can destroy important files causing you to lose vital information and spend precious time recovering them.

When using an off-site document storage service provider, your important business documents and client data are kept safely away from risk of these disasters so you can focus on getting your business back on its feet quickly.

Improved Workplace Efficiency

Storing documents off-site can help to boost efficiency. This is because employees looking for specific files can spend about 2.5 hours per day (about 30% of the working day) searching for documents and information, and not working at their desks.

A leading off-site document storage service will offer indexing, on-demand scanning, and online access to documents, thereby making retrieval simple and fast, saving valuable time and boosting efficiency.

Better GDPR Compliance

The introduction of GDPR last year placed considerable responsibility on the shoulders of businesses. So ensuring the security of client and employee personal data has become a key concern for companies in every sector. Just as an off-site storage facility will have better security, it will also limit access to documents to only those who are authorised, reducing the threat of privacy breaches or hacking. This makes GDPR compliance easier and more affordable.

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