Tesco Ireland

Tesco is Ireland’s leading food retailer serving over one million customers in 152 stores every week. The company supports almost 27,000 jobs between direct and indirect employment.

As one of Ireland’s largest businesses, Tesco processes thousands of paper documents every week, ranging from supplier invoices to delivery dockets. All of this documentation needs to be scanned so that it can be accessed by the Tesco head office and other administration teams across the Tesco world.

“As more and more people saw what Kefron Capture could do in terms of imaging, archiving, viewing and so on, the system grew quite rapidly such that we’re now looking to expand it office-wide to every function including human resources, property and store support” – Joe Walsh, Finance Operations & Office Programme manager, Tesco Ireland

Read this case study to learn how Kefron Scanning & Capture Solution helps Tesco Ireland to free up office space and make key trading information more readily available to staff.


If you would like to learn more about our Scanning & Capture Solution, click here.

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