Taking the Leap from Paper to Digital – Kristina Russell writes for FinancialDirector.co.uk

With the UK government’s pledge to go paper-free by 2020 and GDPR regulation set to come into force in May, going digital is a hot topic across many businesses as they look to find ways to implement new systems to reduce the reliance on paper records and storage.

However, findings from a survey by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that despite a greater awareness of digital solutions, there is still some way to go until UK businesses can fully meet the paper-free requirements. In fact, the survey found that only 17% of offices are truly paper free, with 56% of respondents using paper to sign contracts, orders and booking forms, meaning accounting departments feature prominently as one of those that is still heavily reliant on paper.

Read our UK Sales Manager Kristina Russell’s article for FinancialDirector.co.uk, where she explains how going paperless can significantly help a business and bring with it plenty of benefits for the organisation, including increased productivity and reduced costs.


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