Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic Cancer UK is a Non-Profit organisation based in London. The organisation’s vision is that everyone with pancreatic cancer survives to live long and well. Pancreatic Cancer UK supports those affected by the disease; lobbying for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer and being a voice for everyone involved in the fight.

Pancreatic Cancer UK faced accounts payable processing challenges brought up by the Covid-19 pandemic as many other businesses. Invoice processing and approval became difficult to manage during lockdown via email.

“It was substantially more time consuming constantly trawling through email correspondence, invoices were getting lost, missed and frequently miscoded, generating additional work and email queries for our finance team” – Angela Davis, Director of Finance & Corporate Services.

Read this case study to find out how Kefron AP helped to automate not only invoice processing but also made the staff expenses end to end processing easy to manage by eliminating the time consuming manual processes previously applied by the Pancreatic Cancer UK staff and in doing so significantly decreased errors associated with human touchpoints.


To learn more about our Accounts Payable Invoice Automation solution click here.

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