LIVE: Online Lunch & Learn Get-Together for Finance Leaders & Managers

Where: Online
Date: Friday 30th April 2021
Time: 11:30am – 12:45pm

Reserve your place now and enjoy lunch on us. Free to attend. (Limited to 2 people per company).

The impact of Covid-19 has meant that now more than ever, reducing costs, improving productivity and adapting your business to come back fighting is critical.

Finance Leaders can start by looking at their own departments.  Automation of manual and costly processes such as Accounts Payable invoice processing can be an easy win.

Kefron would like to invite you to lunch for a live interactive get together where you can learn more about implementing AP automation and you can put your questions to us directly.

The session will include real case studies, a look at some automation software and the chance to chat about your particular requirements. Kefron will provide the lunch straight to your door, all you need to do is log in.

During this session we will address issues such as:

  • How to eliminate up to 87% of manual invoice processing and data entry
  • How to view your company’s financial liability at any stage during any financial period in real time
  • How to find any invoices instantly at the touch of a button
  • How to instantly report on specific vendors and improve communication through the use of a supplier portal
  • How to eliminate duplicates from your business
  • How to transform your finance department from a secondary support role into a value-added business function
  • How to save your team a huge amount of time.
  • How to automate invoice only or 2 or 3 way matching

For most Finance Leaders it is well known that a successful accounts payable function is an essential component to the success of any finance department, why not join us to give your team the edge over the competition, we will show you how you can leverage Automation Technology to transform your Finance Function.

  • 11:30     Welcome and Introduction
                   Brian Coyle, Head of Commercial, Kefron
  • 11:40     Interactive Session
                   Angelina McGuirk, Business Development Manager, Kefron
  • 12:00     Software Insight for Finance Leaders – Kefron AP Demo
                   Alistair Thacker, Head of Technology, Kefron
  • 12:30     Expert Forum – Questions & Answers over Lunch

Who should attend?
  • Finance Directors
  • Finance Managers
  • AP Managers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Managing Directors
  • IT Managers
  • Head of Continuous Improvement

To learn more about the benefits and how Accounts Payable Automation can help your business, click here.

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