Micks Garage

Founded in 2003, the multi-award-winning Micks Garage has grown to become one of the most successful eCommerce companies in Europe, shipping a huge range of car parts and accessories to more than 70 countries worldwide every month.

One of the reasons Micks Garage has enjoyed such success over the years is due to their desire to improve all processes across the business.

“I’m big into efficiencies and bringing more efficiencies to the business and I think we can all do that on a daily basis” Ciaran Crean, Founder and CTO of Micks Garage, explains. “We were looking at our accounts payable and at the number of invoices we receive on a daily basis and the amount of costs that go into processing those invoices. We looked at getting a solution that would allow our finance people to concentrate on what they’re paid for.”

Watch our video or download the PDF version below to learn how Micks Garage uses Kefron AP to streamline their invoice processing.


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