M50 Truck & Van Centre

M50 Truck & Van Centre is the exclusive Mercedes-Benz commercial sales and testing centre for North Dublin City and County. In 2016, the M50 AP team were processing around 1,500 invoices each month from approximately 150 suppliers. Data from every invoice received had to be captured manually at header level by the AP staff based in Head Office.

The manual input of data was proving to be a time-consuming process for the AP team. This slow process began to cause delays in payments to suppliers, who in turn would re-send the invoices, thus creating numerous duplicates. As this process rumbled on, paper continued to pile up in the M50 office, making the documents more and more difficult to track.

Download our case study and learn how Kefron AP was able to eliminate these issues by automating the invoicing process for the M50 AP team.


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