Kefron hosts The First Friday Club in Reading

Last Friday, the 6th of October 2017, Kefron hosted The First Friday Club in Reading.

Our UK Head of Sales Kristina Russell addressed over 50 delegates providing advice to local businesses on how to get the best out of digital solutions to help improve costs and efficiencies. Topics covered included automated accounts payable, scanning and capture solutions and ECM systems.

Supporting Kristina was our UK Capture Consultant Wesley Dowe.

In addition, Kristina provided information on the impending GDPR, offering those in attendance the chance to see how it would affect their industries directly when it comes in to play in May 2018.

First Friday Club is Reading’s premier business networking event and invites leading UK businesses to speak on important issues affecting businesses.

To learn more about Kefron’s solutions and how they can help improve your information management, please click here.

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At Kefron we see complexity and make it simple. Our business exists to improve how you manage your information, be it Document Management Services or digitisation of your information. We can make a real difference to your business. This is what drives us.

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