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Following a competitive tendering process, Kefron has been selected to provide data processing services for the Census Pilot Survey 2018. This will include the data keying of all of the returned pilot forms, and the provision of the data on the forms to the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in a secure file for statistical analysis.

Kefron is ISO27001 accredited for information security and management, including data capture and processing. In accordance with the Statistics Act, 1993, all Kefron staff working on the processing of the census pilot forms are being made Officers of Statistics for the duration of the project. Access to the forms and the data therein will be strictly limited to these staff, and will be monitored and recorded. As Officers of Statistics, all staff working on the processing of the census pilot survey data are required to protect and preserve its confidentiality, and are subject to significant penalties should they not do so.  All of the data will be processed by Kefron on an internal secured system in its offices in Dublin 12, and returned in its entirety to the CSO on completion of the project. Neither Kefron nor its staff will retain any part of the data.

The completed pilot forms will be provided to Kefron by the CSO during November 2018 and will be returned to the CSO approximately four weeks later. The CSO will then analyse the returned data and will report on the outcomes of this analysis in the first half of 2019. Should you have any queries on the processing of the Census 2018 Pilot Survey, or on the Survey generally, please contact them at census@cso.ie / 1850 201 604.


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