How Document Storage And Records Management Enable The New Workplace

Not very long ago, a company’s offices spoke volumes in terms of corporate image, standards and ambitions. But events over the past year have caused a sea-change in attitudes. Now, instead of bold investment in impressive new headquarters, companies are rethinking their office spaces and business processes. Not least amongst them are document storage and records management procedures.

According to a report by Mercer, employers are now set to designate more of their employees to a remote working model, with between 20% and 30% set to become work-from-home workers. Some 70% of companies admitted they were examining the option; in contrast, only 8% were expected to call employees to return to normal working practices once physical distancing regulations are lifted.

The key point is that the office is no longer seen as a necessary working environment. Companies are rethinking how they provide a working environment and, as a consequence, are also considering the practicality of traditional document storage and records management procedures.

After all, if fewer employees are to work in an office, remote access to essential files and data will become a priority. They’ll need a document storage solution that allows for a fast, simple and secure storage solution, and one that is both time and cost-effective.

Through dedicated off-site Document Storage and Records Management services, both hard-copy and digital documentation can be stored safely and accessed simply whether a company maintains, scales back or even opts out of having a physical office.

Advantages of Document Storage and Records Management Services

Financial savings have already been associated with remote working. In research carried out by Global Workplace Analytics, a typical employer can save as much as $11,000 per annum per employee who works remotely half of their working time, with US companies set to save $30 billion per day in otherwise lost productivity during office closures due to Covid-19.

But the advantages of an off-site Document Storage and Records Management service are long-established.

  1. Fast And Simple Document Retrieval
  2. Office staff need access to important documentation, so wherever they work, it is essential that document storage and records management ensure easy document retrieval. At Kefron, our own document storage and records management services use document track and trace technologies that make sure the location of every file is known in close to an instant. These technologies include a barcode system for effectively cataloguing and indexing individual boxes or files making retrieval simple and quick whether you are working from an office or your kitchen table.

  3. Greater Transparency
  4. Documents stored in a dedicated document storage centre provides a higher level of transparency. All document access, document retrieval and even data information requests are retained, creating a clear and retrievable proof of the history for each file. As a result, it ensures full auditability whenever that history is required, protecting the company from costly fines caused by or due to unauthorised access.

  5. Greater GDPR Compliance
  6. Data security remains a critical concern for any company that gathers and stores any form of data. In fact, since the introduction of the EU’s GDPR, failure to fully and reliably protect data stored will bring with it severe penalties. But because of the high levels of security employed by document storage centres, data is fully protected. What’s more, GDPR’s protection of individuals’ rights to access their personal data is also protected through fast and simple retrieval.

  7. Reduce Clutter
  8. Clutter is synonymous with busy offices, where the storage of documents usually requires multiple storage systems and filing cabinets. The average cabinet is calculated to occupy 17 square metres of office space, reducing the space for employees to walk and work in. It is expected that companies who operate an office post-Covid19 will have to redesign their floorplans to accommodate 2-metre-wide physical distancing spaces. This will ensure less space for in-house document storage.

If you would like to talk to a member of the Kefron team and learn more about our Document Storage and Records Management Solutions click here.

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