Don’t be the next Fraud Victim – Protect your Business from Invoice Fraud with AP Automation

Date: Wednesday 16th of September 2020
Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 30 mins

Invoice fraud, where fraudsters take on the guise of one of your suppliers, is real and on the increase.

Invoice scams have featured regularly in the news in the past few years and across the UK and Ireland it cost businesses millions every year and that’s before reputational damage is taken into account. With staff working remotely, and with limited visibility of invoice processing, how do CFOs make sure they don’t fall victim to these sophisticated scams?

Join us for a brief session to learn how invoice automation can help mitigate the risk of invoice fraud in your business. It’s an easy step to take and now is the time to act.

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To learn more about the benefits and how Accounts Payable Automation can help your business, click here.

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