8 Ways Digitally Capturing Documents Benefits Business Processes

Through the decades, technology has provided a major boon to businesses and how they operate. From photocopiers to management apps, each generation has helped to fine-tune business processes. But digitally capturing your documents – Document Digitisation – remains much more than just a neat tech trick.

Of course, you already know that Document Digitisation is the process of converting your hard-copy paper documents into a digital format. But there is a lot more to it than simply making storing information and data easier.

When managed properly, it can not only make life administratively easier but the whole operation more efficient than the paper-based filing systems of old could ever be.

So, here are 8 of the main benefits of digitally capturing documents and data can offer when complementing your business process.


8 Benefits Document Digitisation Offers Your Business Processes
  1. Faster, Simpler Data Access
  2. According to a 2015 study, employees in traditional offices spend an average of 6 hours per week physically searching for paper documents – a lot of time to spend on essentially unproductive activities. But 91% of employees who used Document Management Systems (DMS) to find digitally captured documents agreed their task was made ‘Significantly Easier’ or ‘Somewhat Easier’.

  3. Boosts Productivity
  4. Some tasks, however, do take more time. Compiling reports, for example, requires research and data collection before any writing is done. The 2015 study also revealed that traditional office staff can spend over 8 hours per week (1.6 hours daily) on compiling reports. 70% spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours daily, and 21% between 3 and 6 hours. But 94% said having digital documents made the task either ‘Significantly Easier’ or ‘Somewhat Easier’.

  5. Boosts Collaboration Efficiency
  6. Collaboration is a key aspect of any office set-up, especially for project teams, but it can be hindered when the productivity and access issues already mentioned come into play. A variety of surveys have backed this up, showing:

    • 3% of productivity losses accounted for by document challenges
    • 92% of knowledge workers collaborate over documents using email
    • 83% of knowledge workers lose time to versioning issues daily

    Document Digitisation improves team efficiency through better collaboration and higher productivity.

  7. Reduces Costs
  8. Widely accepted statistics show that Document Digitisation can significantly reduce everyday costs, in two main areas:

    • Salaries – according to some figures, each hour an employee spends searching for paper documents translates to 2 wasted hours (1 hour searching, 1 hour not doing the work they should be). Depending on their hourly wage, that could mean €40 to €70 per hour.

    Administration – offices can run up considerable costs in printing, with reports stating millions are spent annually in unnecessary printing costs.

    Digitising documents lets employees search from their own desk and cuts the need to print copies.

  9. Greater Governance
  10. Good corporate governance of data is extremely important for every business, and GDPR compliance has become a key part of that. Document Digitisation makes all business activities more transparent, easier to track and allows for clearer communication of procedures, processes, policies and legislative obligations.

  11. Better Data Security
  12. Security around company documents and data is very important too. Because Document Digitisation means files are stored electronically, employee and client records, financial reports and company reports are secure behind a host of antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-hacking software.

  13. Prevents Document Loss
  14. We all make mistakes, but misfiling can cost businesses time and money. According to one Pricewaterhouse Coopers study, as much as 7% of paper documents are misfiled annually and 3.5% lost. Digital documents are stored in one secure location and so are not lost.

  15. Improves Working Environment
  16. Basically, by removing the office clutter, the quality of the working environment is improved. Spaces previously taken up by cumbersome filing cabinets is free up, which does wonders in creating a more positive, open and light-filled workplace.


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