Whitepaper: Adapting to the Covid Crisis with Accounts Payable Automation

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the market, production and supply chain in just about every industry. Throw the impact of Brexit in on top and we have what many commentators are calling “the perfect storm for trade and business”. At the end of 2020, most economies across the globe were in recession with many registering real GDP declines of up to -15%.

How are Finance Teams adapting to the Covid Environment?

The introduction or increased adoption of Digital Technology need not be an extensive, company-wide change project causing major disruption. Strategic cost optimisation can take place at department level and the Finance Department is no exception.

Finance leaders and managers need to think about how strategic cost optimisation can take place in their department, preferably without damaging the department’s ability to function and without risking business recovery.

Download this whitepaper to find out how by adopting Accounts Payable Automation you can reduce costs and aid business recovery.


Kefron AP is a pure invoice automation solution that delivers super-accurate, adaptable and easy-to-use accounts payable invoice automation. To learn more, click here.

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