Covid-19 – Kefron Business Continuity and Remote Working

We hope you are all well and getting through these difficult times safely.

Our Kefron Services remain operational.

We would like to advise that our staff continue to provide essential records management and scanning services for our clients who are providing essential services as defined by the Government in the Public Sector and in essential Retail and Financial Organisations.

Most of our staff continue to work remotely, including our client services team, technical support services, sales, indexing, and back-office staff. Our remote staff enables us to continue to provide all services.

Our facilities continue to be staffed in response to Government requirements. In all offices, we continue to mitigate the risk of our employees and our operations from being impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak by enforcing preventative measures we put in place two weeks ago.

Should there be a disruption in your company that impacts the receipt, pickup, or quantity of your documents, please advise us by contacting us.

Remote Working Support Services

We have had numerous enquiries regarding customers’ staff who need to work from home but also need access to essential documents.

If your business has implemented remote working contact us if you think you might need help with any of the following:

  • Mail re-direct and mail scanning – mail redirect to our PO boxes, we cut and open mail and send it via email to a recipient
  • Document scanning and data-capture
  • Secure online document hosting for remote access
  • Supplier invoice scanning and hosting for online processing
  • Scan-on-demand – if your records are stored in Kefron’s Records Centre
  • Home Delivery – from our Records Centre directly to your staff

In the meantime, we wish you well and hope you, your staff and families continue to stay safe.


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