Brown McFarlane

Brown McFarlane, a steel processor in the UK, was reviewing the market in 2015 for a document management solution to help them improve their manual quality management of Test Certificates relating to different qualities of steel.

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Their existing paper based processes were very time consuming and labour intensive. One of their key objectives was therefore to reduce their operating costs and create a paperless environment.

Other business objectives were to:

  • Provide an efficient and robust quality process for the business to adhere to
  • Provide a compliant document store for important transactional documents thus removing reliance to store paper originals and providing disaster recovery
  • Provide an enhanced customer service for retrieval of relevant Test Certificates
  • Provide a platform for future growth

After an extensive review of different solutions, Kefron’s document management solution was chosen to help them automate their processes, improve their quality management and also customer service plus finally reduce their paper load.

The key reasons why Kefron was selected were:

  • Experience and expertise in providing document management solutions
  • High compliance to complex data capture requirements
  • Flexibility, ease of use and scalability of the solution
  • Value for money

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