Webinar: The Biggest Challenges in the Finance Function in 2020

This event has now ended. If you are interested in learning more about how an automated accounts payable solution can help your business, then why not join us at our upcoming event, where we will be demonstrating how Automation Technology can transform your AP Function, drive better business results and empower your staff allowing them to focus on core tasks and not data entry. Find out more about this event by clicking on the link below.


Date: Thursday 12th March 2020
Time: 11:00am
Duration: 45 mins

Our survey reveals what’s keeping finance managers awake at night!

Recently we asked hundreds of finance leaders in the UK and Ireland what are the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis. Just a snapshot of the responses include:

  • 56% said staff spending time on manual data entry
  • 32% said managing and tracking spend versus their budget
  • 12% said human error and process compliance

Are you a Finance professional dealing with similar operational challenges daily? Are you coping as well as your peers?

If so, this webinar is for you!

Join us for an informative session to learn more about the biggest operational challenges in the finance function. Also, to see how innovative P2P technology can help your business to overcome these challenges and benefit from:

  • Touch-free documents processing and reduction in manual data entry
  • Elimination of duplicates & human error
  • Quicker approval turnaround
  • A reduction in the number of queries into the AP department
  • Automated workflows that control processes

To learn more about how Accounts Payable Automation can help your business, please click here.

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