“AP Automation: The solution finance departments can’t afford to ignore” – Education Today

While many departments have embraced technology and already begun their digital transformation journey, some have fallen behind. Departments such as Finance and Accounts Payable still use more traditional methods to complete their work, such as manual input and processing. This can be both time-consuming and error-prone, according to Education Today.

With the UK Government’s pledge to go paperless by 2020, managers will face pressure to focus on eliminating paper processes across all areas where it’s no longer required and to invest in automated and digital services.

Kristina Russell, our UK Sales Manager, recently sat down with Education Today to explain why businesses need to automate their AP process.

“Busy finance teams can’t afford to ignore how automation can bring multiple benefits to their day to day working, especially as Government pressure will increase over the next two years. Whilst initially some team members may be apprehensive to go digital once they see how much easier it makes their tasks and wish they had used the service earlier!”.

You can check out the full article over on the Education Today website.

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