Driving AP Automation in the Automotive Industry

We are fully aware of the huge volumes of paper generated within the motor industry. Processing documentation such as invoices, contracts, job cards, VRT certificates, finance documentation, customer order forms, delivery dockets, POs, goods received notes and others, typically requires a lot of manual effort and time that can be costly and prone to human error.

How long does it take your accounts team to import paper and digital invoices into your Dealer Management System?

Our Digital Automation Solutions can help eradicate the issues. By using technology to digitise and automate, you can streamline processes, eliminate potential human error, significantly reduce the cost per document processed and improve visibility and control.

Watch this video to learn from our current customers that operate in the automotive industry and how Kefron’s digital solutions have helped transform the way they manage and operate documentation on a day-to-day basis.

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At Kefron we see complexity and make it simple. Our business exists to improve how you manage your information, be it Document Management Services or digitisation of your information. We can make a real difference to your business. This is what drives us.

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