5 Reasons To Store Title Deeds Offsite In A Secure Storage Centre

There is no doubting the significance title deeds have in legal terms. But for legal firms, businesses and organisations who have the responsibility to keep such documents safe, the challenges of managing, storing and securing them can be extreme. Storing deeds offsite in a secure storage facility is a logical solution.

These facilities are not simply storerooms or warehouses. Modern offsite storage locations are carefully designed vault storage facilities, fully equipped for safely and securely storing title deeds as well as host other important documents, such as conveyances, contracts, wills, mortgages and leases.

There are risks involved in keeping deeds in traditional locations, like a bank or solicitors’ offices. For example, there have been reports in recent years of homeowners’ deeds being lost by banks entrusted with their protection. And when these deeds are lost, a considerable amount of time and money have to be spent to replace them with no fear of legal ambiguity.

So what are the key benefits to opting to store title deeds offsite? And is it really a cost-effective option that is sufficiently secure?

5 Benefits To Storing Title Deeds Offsite

  1. High Security

  2. Obviously, documents as important as title deeds require the best security possible. Thankfully, the combination of a hi-security storage vault and a sophisticated inventory tracking system means title deeds can indeed be stored securely.

    Of course, security includes more than just physical security, with data protection also a key concern. A storage vault provides a secure off-site repository for all property-related documents and files and is equipped with the following features:

    • 24/7 security monitoring systems
    • regulated, controlled access
    • fire and flood resistant construction
    • early warning fire and smoke detection systems
    • environmental monitoring for long-term preservation
    • fully vetted, screened and trained professionals
    • data protection policies and procedures

  3. Inventory Tracking

  4. For those unfamiliar with modern record storage centres, there is an overarching fear that documents are more likely to be lost within the system. But the opposite is true. A hi-tech inventory tracking system ensures the entire retention life cycle of each document is tracked through every stage of the process. This also means the off-site inventory:

    • has enhanced search capabilities (based on date, department, retention period, etc)
    • boasts superior retrieval management
    • produces customised reports
    • can handle web-based file requests

  5. Greater Cost-Effectiveness

  6. Managing paper files brings with it a number of costs and overheads that are not applicable to storing them offsite. A dedicated record storage facility is optimised for cubic storage capacity, offering greater cost effectiveness. This comes down to a few factors, such as:

    • the office space (sqms) needed to store large numbers of deeds and rental rate per square metre
    • having sufficient filing cabinets
    • maintaining the filing cabinets
    • investment in security standards necessary to keep deeds safe

  7. Document Preservation

  8. Safely storing deeds offsite relates to more than simply protecting these documents from hacking or unauthorised retrieval. It also relates to the conditions in which they are stored, and their preservation while they are being kept within the vault. Therefore storage vaults have temperature-controlled environments and are both fire resistant and flood resistant. So natural threats like moisture, mould, and even fire and flooding cannot cause any damage over time.

  9. On-Demand Retrieval

  10. Storing deeds offsite brings with it some clear advantages, but there is the resulting issue that such important documentation is not physically within reach in the office. In fact, because hard copy title deeds are all digitally catalogued and stored in carefully categorised boxes, every document can be retrieved on-demand.

Digital cataloguing uses unique barcoding and scanning so every individual deed can be immediately located, and then quickly retrieved by vault staff. Hard copy originals can then be delivered to your office, or a scanned version emailed to a client within minutes.

Are You Looking To Safely Store Your Deeds?

Kefron provides a dedicated Vault Storage service to companies, delivering the highest standard of security for your deeds and important documentation, as well as sophisticated environmental conditions to guarantee preservation levels.

We also offer Safekeep – a document storage service specifically designed for the storage of house deeds and important personal documents in our own purpose-built record centre.

For further details on these services, as well as our range of Document Storage and Records Management services, simply contact us to talk to a member of the Kefron team.

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