4 Ways Transparency Is Boosted via Document and Records Management

It is no secret that transparency is an important part of any business’s operations, not least because of its critical role in good governance. So, when it comes to document and records management procedures, having a management system that fully satisfies regulations on transparency is key.

There was a time when business documents were stored under lock and key in a set of office filing cabinets and relied on a handful of administrative employees to run things smoothly. Today, businesses face strict adherence standards in a variety of regulations and legislations.

Transparency is an essential part of these standards, helping to strengthen corporate reputation within the industry, provide greater protection against corruption and fraud, and build trust with suppliers, clients and customers.  By outsourcing its document storage and records management procedures, a company can accomplish all of these important traits in one go.

At Kefron, we provide a records management service that ensures transparency of business information, which in turn serves to maximize compliance with the business’s records management policies and industry regulations – not least GDPR.

In fact, our record centres have been built to meet the highest standards of security, environmental control and safety, guaranteeing all documents are housed properly. They are perfectly designed for clients who need a fully managed off-site physical document storage and archiving solution.

Boosting Transparency

There are many advantages with opting for a dedicated document storage and records management service from trusted experts. However, when it comes to security and transparency, there are a few that stand apart. With them, they allow for easier access to and faster retrieval of specific documents and data, thus allowing for greater openness with no delays in handling retrieval requests.

  1. Faster Document Retrieval
  2. Being able to retrieve important documentation quickly translates to more efficient document management. It is, therefore, important to have a system that allows for documents and records to be re-called without delay.

    Kefron’s own document storage and records management services makes expert use of the latest document track and trace technologies. It utilises a barcode system when initially cataloguing individual documents which makes locating and retrieving documents a simple and quick affair, greatly cutting the time and costs otherwise spent in finding documents.

  3. Data Security
  4. Another benefit that comes with outsourcing your records management is more controlled accessibility, and with that in turn comes a greater level of data security. When documents are stored with a third party, security protocols typically identify only a limited number of authorised personnel with access to the data there. Hacking is impossible, while the physical retrieval of any document, regardless of its sensitivity, is carefully monitored.

  5. Better GDPR Compliance
  6. With data security so important, being in a position to provide the highest standards of security is a key to satisfying the EU’s GDPR. The fast and efficient way to gain access and retrieve information is equally important, as GDPR enshrines too individuals’ rights to access data relevant to them at any time.

  7. Full Auditability
  8. With a dedicated document storage centre incorporating security, safety is an aspect that document management services can deliver. However, equally important is transparency with regards to the history of data access, retrieval and any requests for data information. Document and records management services can provide detailed proof of any requests, as well as details of retrievals. It ensures full auditability, which helps in avoiding the threat of costly penalties.

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