4 Ways Cloud Storage Helps Increase Workplace Productivity

There was a time when the office was the starting point and finishing point in every working day, even for employees whose days were mainly on the road. But Cloud storage has led to a change, where the office has become almost irrelevant. It’s not just the technology used; workplace productivity has been boosted too.

The development of the Cloud as a viable, safe data storage option means that documents can be accessed from anywhere. Even if they are attending a conference in Sydney, an employee can access important information in their Dublin or London office immediately.

It not only cuts out the time needed to course details, figures and reports, it also makes sharing problem-solving ideas and innovative approaches so much easier, and for teams entrusted with important projects to be more productive.

Statistics back up this observation, with recent research revealing that companies which make use of Cloud storage and embrace digital technology can become between 35% and 40% more productive. In fact, figures published by Trackvia show that 59% of companies that made use of the Cloud were more likely to see productivity benefits, and 47% of companies that adopted Cloud technologies confidently expected to be more productive.

But how exactly does Cloud storage contribute to this positive? Here are just 4 ways that it does:

    1. Smoother Interaction & Collaboration

It makes it easy for team members who cannot get together at critical times to continue to work together on projects. Whether divided across hemispheres, continents, countries or cities, having access to shared documents empowers employees, allowing them to communicate more smoothly. And, according to The Cost Of Poor Communications, a survey of 400 large US-based companies, an average annual loss of $62.4 million is made due to slow or poor communication within an organization.

    1. User-Friendly Access

Even when it is stored on a hard-drive, searching for a specific file can take some time. This is especially true when files are stored under the wrong heading. Most Cloud storage apps keep the search time the minimum, but the user experience (UX) needs to be as straightforward as possible.

Our own Kefron AP, for example, provides an easy-to-use browser interface that ensures search time is kept to a matter of seconds while still provides easy access at multiple locations.

Another Cloud Storage alternative we offer, our ECM solution, keeps search time for specific documents to a minimum, due to the fact it uniquely uses metadata, not folders. Metadata organises a document by ‘what it is’, not ‘where it is,’ like in a traditional folder system. This eliminates the duplication of content and makes it intuitive for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

    1. Secure Access

Being able to access, share and work on existing documents is a clear necessity for modern business operations. But that access cannot be available to just anyone, especially with the introduction of the GDPR. Client and employee details need to be available to selected eyes only. Some protective procedures are designed to be strict, for good reason, but can slow access down and actually lessen productivity.

Cloud storage applications are made to be secure against cyber-attack, but without impacting negatively on employee productivity rates.

    1. Faster Decision-Making By Decision-Makers

It’s no secret that the task of locating a physical file can sometimes be frustrating. But more critically, without the necessary information to hand, decision-makers can be delayed in making key decisions. It could cost your company a new contract or even the continued business of a valued client.

Cloud storage removes such concerns, providing access to digital copies of important documents in seconds, and from anywhere in the world. And with that, properly informed decisions can be made while the iron is still hot.

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