Is 2019 the year to finally cut the paper? – James Smith talks to TMT News

Whether the UK is in Europe, out of Europe or working through agreements, UK businesses are going to have to continue to trade with and compete against European business. Apart from any new barriers or hurdles to trade that might materialise after Brexit, British business is already on the back foot. According to the industry-led organisation, ‘Be the Business’ focused on improving productivity in British business, the UK is lagging their European counterparts by up to a quarter.

2019 is therefore a good time for Senior Managers to seek ways to increase productivity. One crucial way this can be achieved is through investment in technology that can bring automation across business functions and processes.

James Smith, Kefron’s Head of UK Sales, recently sat down with TMT News and looked at why 2019 is the year for digital transformation.


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At Kefron we see complexity and make it simple. Our business exists to improve how you manage your information, be it Document Management Services or digitisation of your information. We can make a real difference to your business. This is what drives us.

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