Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Analytics

Automating PO matching eliminates inefficiencies, but do you know how successful this process is?

Obtain detailed insights of the performance of documents and suppliers within both the verification and PO matching process and increase the number of documents that are processed automatically.

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Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Dashboard - AP Analytics - AP Automation

First Look

Take a few minutes to watch this video for an overview of the Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Analytics Dashboard.

Analytics Made Easy

  • Detect Obstacles
  • Touchless Processing
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Insights

Accelerate processing

Identifying obstacles in the performance of documents and suppliers within both verification and PO matching will lead to an improved process and increased automation.

Reduce Manual Input

Identify problem areas to increase the automation rate by working with your internal users and suppliers on improving purchase orders and invoices.

Advanced Filtering

Streamline the process of locating relevant data and gathering information to enable more efficient decision-making by quickly identifying and sorting information.

Choose your format

A variety of export types to choose from, ranging from file formats such as CSV to more visual formats that best suit your needs.

Dynamic Data Capture Technology

Kefron AP provides multiple dashboards for a comprehensive view of invoice data, enabling your AP team to optimise invoice processing for expedited payments.

Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Analytics Dashboard - AP Automation - Invoice Automation 2


What is meant by Automation Levels in AP Automation?

Automation Levels refer to the extent and sophistication of automated processes within Accounts Payable (AP) operations. This includes the degree to which tasks like invoice processing, data entry, verification, and purchase order (PO) matching are automated, aiming to reduce manual input and enhance efficiency.

How does Verification in AP Automation work?

Verification in AP Automation involves checking the accuracy and completeness of invoice data against company records and compliance standards. Automated systems use predefined rules and AI technologies to verify invoice details, such as supplier information, amounts, and purchase orders, to ensure they are correct and ready for processing.

What are the benefits of PO Matching Analytics?

PO Matching Analytics provides insights into the effectiveness and accuracy of the automated matching of purchase orders, invoices, and, when applicable, goods received notes (GRNs). It helps identify discrepancies, streamline the matching process, and improve supplier compliance and document quality.

Can AP Dashboards analytics help in identifying problem areas in AP processes?

Yes, by providing detailed data on automation performance, verification accuracy, and PO matching effectiveness, these analytics help pinpoint specific issues, such as frequent discrepancies or supplier documentation errors, enabling targeted improvements.

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