AP Automation in
Housing Associations

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Kefron AP automates the AP process by eradicating manual data entry into multiple systems, saving hours of invoice processing time, leaving staff time to focus on value-added work.

AP Automation for your Social Housing Association accelerates the invoice lifecycle and empowers your staff!

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AP Automation Housing Associations

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touch-free process


Accelerate your invoice lifecycle

  • Never lose an invoice
  • Save precious time
  • Engage your stakeholders
  • ERP Agnostic

Digital Transformation

From hand-written to emailed invoices, AP Automation lets your social housing association keep track of cash flow in real-time so you can stay on top of your projects.

Eliminate Data Entry

With an automated AP process, manual data entry is completely eliminated, which not only reduces errors, it also gives your housing association back weeks every month to focus on higher-value tasks.

Improve Communication

Our integrated email and comments functionality allows instant communication to your internal teams to get their input, and an instant line of contact to your suppliers. No user licences fees mean there is no cost for getting these stakeholders more involved in the process for speedy resolution!

Powerful Connections

Kefron AP has the ability to sync with any finance system by simply exchanging information. Our system mirrors all the figured codes such as Suppliers, GLs, etc. in your finance system to ensure consistency in your transactions.

AP Automation for Social Housing