Ageing Dashboard

A comprehensive overview provided by the Ageing Dashboard allows you to identify process bottlenecks and direct your attention to the longest outstanding documents.

The traffic light format of the invoices within Kefron AP offers full visibility of what is owed, facilitating stronger relationships with suppliers by prioritising the management of ageing documents.

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Ageing Dashboard - AP reporting

First Look

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Analytics Made Easy

  • Increased Visibility
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Strengthen Supplier Relations
  • Locate Information Quickly
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Insights

Address Bottlenecks

A comprehensive overview of accounts payable performance, allowing stakeholders to quickly detect trends and address issues.

No Late Payments

Improve cash flow by quickly identifying and addressing issues that can cause delays in payments.

Discounted Rates

Ensure that all payments are made on time to secure discounted rates with suppliers.

Advanced Filtering

Streamline the process of locating relevant data and gathering information to enable more efficient decision-making by quickly identifying and sorting information.

Choose your format

A variety of export types to choose from, ranging from file formats such as CSV to more visual formats that best suit your needs.

Dynamic Data Capture Technology

Kefron AP provides multiple dashboards for a comprehensive view of invoice data, enabling your AP team to optimise invoice processing for expedited payments.

Ageing Dashboard - Invoice Automation - AP Automation


What is an ageing dashboard?

An ageing dashboard is a powerful financial tool designed to provide businesses with real-time insights into the age distribution of their accounts receivable or payable. It categorises outstanding invoices or debts based on the length of time they have been due, helping companies manage their cash flow and prioritise collections or payments.

How does an ageing dashboard benefit a business?

By offering a clear visualisation of outstanding receivables or payables, a dashboard enables businesses to identify potential cash flow issues early, improve debt collection strategies, prioritise supplier payments, and maintain healthy financial operations. It supports strategic decision-making by highlighting areas that require immediate attention.

How does an ageing dashboard support effective cash flow management?

An ageing dashboard supports effective cash flow management by providing businesses with a detailed overview of their financial obligations and receivables. This visibility enables companies to strategise their payments and collections efficiently, ensuring that cash inflows and outflows are optimally managed to maintain a positive cash flow.

Can an ageing dashboard help with financial forecasting and planning?

Yes, by analysing trends in payment behaviours and outstanding debts, a dashboard can provide valuable data for financial forecasting and planning. This information helps businesses anticipate future cash flow situations and make informed decisions regarding investments, expenses, and credit policies.

How does the traffic light format in the dashboard aid in managing invoices?

The traffic light format provides an intuitive, at-a-glance view of invoice statuses, highlighting which invoices need immediate attention. This visual cue helps prioritise tasks and ensures that critical actions, such as payments, are addressed promptly to avoid late fees and maintain good supplier relations.

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