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In the heart of charitable operations, streamlined financial management is key to maximising impact. Kefron’s Invoice Automation for Charity elevates this crucial aspect, transforming traditional finance tasks into efficient, accurate processes.

Leverage our charity finance software to speed up invoice handling and enrich financial oversight and supplier relations. Tailored for charities, our solutions ensure your focus remains on your mission, optimising both Charity invoice processing and charity accounts management.

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Charity Invoice automation

Charity Accounts Software Automation

Intelligent Document Recognition

2 or 3 Way PO Matching

Enables efficient PO invoice processing through intuitive matching, streamlining the tracking and approval of purchase order-related invoices.

PO Matching

Automated Coding

Handles ad-hoc charity invoices with a robust process that minimises manual data entry and errors through automated coding, ensuring accurate processing and categorisation.

Invoice Dashboards

Invoice Analytics Dashboard

Provides real-time insights into invoice data, offering actionable intelligence for better decision-making and strategic financial management.

PO module

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Empowers suppliers with tools to manage their invoices, enhancing communication and streamlining the accounting processes between businesses and their suppliers.


Supplier Statement Reconciliation

An interactive feature for error-free reconciliation, ensuring accurate spend control and financial integrity.


Intelligent Data Extraction & Easy Capture

Utilises Machine Learning and AI for automatic and accurate data capture from invoices, facilitating touch-free processing and significantly reducing manual efforts and errors.

Approval Wrofflows

Enhanced Communication & Approval

Allows for direct on-invoice communication, enabling faster review, approval processes, and accountability, while effectively reducing processing bottlenecks.


Advanced Invoice Tracking

Ensures efficient invoice management through sophisticated tracking features, including automatic notification reminders and prioritisation of urgent invoices.


Audit-Ready System

Creates a compliant environment ready for both internal and external audits by providing searchable access to any invoice and its accompanying details, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Elevating Efficiency with Invoice Automation for Charity

  • Efficiency & Time Savings
  • Cost Reduction
  • Compliance & Fraud Prevention
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Visibility & Control
  • Scalability for Growth

Automating Invoice Processing

Kefron AP digitises the entire invoice process, significantly reducing the time needed for data entry, verification, and processing of invoices. It automates repetitive tasks, allowing finance teams to focus on more strategic work.

Lowering Invoice Processing Expenses

By automating charity invoice processing, Kefron AP lowers the cost per invoice processed. This reduction arises from minimising manual interventions, reducing errors, and accelerating the invoice lifecycle, which together contribute to lower overall operational costs.

Maintaining Audit Trails

The system maintains detailed audit trails for every charity invoice processed, enhancing transparency and accountability. This supports compliance with financial regulations and aids in identifying discrepancies that could indicate fraudulent activities.

Ensuring Timely Payments

By streamlining the invoice approval and payment process, Kefron AP ensures timely payments to vendors, enhancing trust and relationships. The system’s efficiency can also lead to opportunities for early payment discounts, further benefiting the organisation.

Real-Time Invoice Monitoring

Kefron AP provides 360° visibility of the invoice processing workflow, enabling finance leaders to monitor the status of invoices in real-time. This increased transparency allows for better cash flow management and strategic financial decision-making.

Adapting to Business Expansion

The solution is designed to be scalable, accommodating increasing volumes of invoices as the business grows. This flexibility ensures that the AP process remains efficient and effective, regardless of the company’s size or invoice volume.

Charity Invoice Automation 3

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Advanced Invoice Automation for Charity

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Charity Invoice Automation 4

How AP Automation Works?

Data Subject Access Requests - How it works 11

Invoice Capture

Auto-upload paper invoices & e-invoices. Kefron AP reads and extracts required invoice fields.

Data Subject Access Requests - How it works


Auto-distribute each invoice to PO or Non-PO workflows for processing

Data Subject Access Requests - How it works


Custom workflows auto-direct to pre-determined approvers via in-app notifications

How it works

Post to ERP

Clean Validated data posted to charity accounts software. Access invoices anytime with keyword search & retrieve

Charity Invoice Automation


What is invoice automation for Charity?

Invoice automation for charity refers to the use of specialised software designed to streamline the processing of invoices within charitable organisations. This technology simplifies financial operations, reduces manual tasks, and enhances efficiency.

How does automation transform charity invoice and accounts management?

Automation transforms charity invoice and accounts management by eliminating manual data entry, reducing errors, speeding up payment cycles, and freeing up staff time to focus on mission-critical activities.

Can invoice automation software improve donor trust and transparency?

Absolutely, by ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting, invoice automation software can significantly enhance donor trust and transparency, demonstrating effective stewardship of donations.

What features should I look for in charity invoice processing solutions?

Key features to look for include automated invoice matching and approval workflows, easy integration with bank and ERP systems, real-time financial reporting, and secure access controls to safeguard sensitive data.

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