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Sage 200 ERP System

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Upgrading Automated Invocie Processing

Journey to Automated Accounts Payable Process

Challenges: Optimising the Accounts Payable Process

Riviera Travel’s accounts payable process faced inefficiencies. Their initial invoice processing system failed to efficiently extract data from invoices, placing undue burden on the AP team. Intending to minimise manual data entry, they instead found themselves continually guiding the software. Moreover, their AP automation with SAGE 200c was unreliable, leading to manual data uploads and reduced automation.

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Solution: Embracing Advanced AP Automation

Dissatisfied with their prior system, Riviera Travel decided on a change. They collaborated closely with Kefron, ensuring an in-depth understanding of their invoice processing needs. Kefron stood out by meticulously testing the integration with SAGE 200c, particularly as this had been a prior pain point. This approach to the accounts payable process highlighted Kefron’s dedication to delivering an optimal invoice automation system that prioritised client needs.

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Outcome: Realising Unprecedented AP Automation and Precision

Transitioning to Kefron’s AP automation resulted in momentous strides for Riviera Travel. Their invoice processing hit a striking 99.3% data extraction accuracy, slashing manual data entry efforts by 32 hours monthly. This quantum leap in the accounts payable process, combined with enhanced sage automation, positioned Riviera Travel to adeptly manage post-COVID business expansion without enlarging their finance team. Furthermore, Kefron’s dashboards presented real-time analytics, showcasing their sophisticated invoice automation system.

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