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About Dentex

AccountsIQ ERP System

12000 invoices per month

Reconciling over 200 bank accounts

Streamlined Invoice Processing with Kefron AP and AccountsIQ

Navigating Administrative Challenges with a Xero Alternative

Invoice Processing Challenges

Dentex’s expansion brought both opportunities and challenges; as they transitioned business administration to their corporate model, the company faced the task of assimilating each new practice as an individual entity with distinct financials. This high-growth phase required the AP team to tackle invoice processing for over 12,000 invoices, streamline accounting for numerous entities, quickly onboard new practices, scale the back-office efficiently, and reconcile in excess of 200 bank accounts annually.

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Accelerating Expansion with AccountsIQ and Kefron AP

The adoption of AccountsIQ provided a standardised system for Dentex, accelerating its expansion and enhancing streamlined accounting. Kefron AP’s automated invoice processing technology reduced times by a third and its integration with AccountsIQ allowed for efficient management of multiple entities. This strategic partnership has improved operational efficiency and supported large-scale invoice capture and analytics, fuelling further growth.

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Maximising Efficiency: Leap with a Xero Alternative

In this enhanced setup, the Xero alternative, AccountsIQ, paired with Kefron AP’s invoice processing system, has achieved a notable 30% processing time reduction, facilitating a fully paperless AP workflow. This collaboration underscores the streamlined accounting capabilities through its quick onboarding feature and automated reconciliation for a vast number of accounts, showcasing the scalable and integrated strengths of both systems.

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