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eInvoicing Journey

Streamlining AP and E-Invoicing

Before automation, Exclusive Networks faced an array of challenges in managing their fragmented finance structure, which spanned 40 countries. Complicating matters were local mandates for sales tax returns and the requirement for real-time e-invoice submissions to tax authorities. The need for a robust e-invoicing software became increasingly apparent to streamline these complex operations across multiple jurisdictions.

e-invoicing software

Unlocking Financial Efficiencies with E-Invoicing Software

Exclusive Networks sought to streamline their AP and e-invoicing processes by establishing five key objectives: a unified platform, ERP compatibility, expansive automation, improved supplier communication and a user-centric design.

Following an exhaustive market analysis, they opted for Kefron AP, a frontrunner in e-invoicing software and automation. The software seamlessly integrates with over 100 ERPs , including Netsuite, and ensures tax compliance, aligning perfectly with the company’s strategic objectives.

e-invoicing software

Achieving Global Financial Efficiency with e-Invoicing Software

Exclusive Networks successfully implemented Kefron AP, an e-invoicing software, across 25 countries, achieving efficiency and compliance standards. Kefron AP automated data extraction and verification, reducing manual tasks and errors. A secure API enabled real-time data posting to NetSuite.

Kefron is focused on enhancing Exclusive Networks’ existing 75% touch-free invoicing rate by resolving bottlenecks and supplier challenges.

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