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Mail Management & Document Storage (5)


Seamless Mail Management and Secure Document Storage


DFS aimed to concentrate on core operations while seeking a reliable partner to handle comprehensive mail management, ensuring confidentiality and integrity across various business functions.

Dell also needed secure storage and destruction solutions for their hardcopies to comply with GDPR. Recognising the high cost and space requirements for onsite storage, they opted for specialised external document storage solutions.

Mail Management & Document Storage (5)


Kefron took over DFS’ mail management with a dedicated worker handling their post processing and scanning. The crux of this process was the prompt scanning and uploading of contracts within 7 days of receipt.

As DFS grew, document storage was outsourced to Kefron. Contracts had to be stored for five years prior to complete destruction to prevent GDPR breaches. After visiting Kefron’s ISO-certified record centre, DFS appointed Kefron as their document management provider.

Mail Management & Document Storage (5)


DFS has consistently enjoyed high-quality services from Kefron, with regular reviews to ensure the maintenance of KPIs and SLAs. Their reliable and secure handling of contracts enhances the customer experience. DFS values the excellent performance, competitive pricing, and trusted partnership with Kefron, which negates the need for seeking other options. This successful collaboration has resulted in mutual growth and satisfaction.

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Mail Management & Document Storage (5)