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Manage Mail Remotely - Digital Mail Room - Case Study


Managing Physical Mail Remotely


With staff working remotely, physical mail volumes rising, and processing times increasing, staff were overwhelmed by the sudden changes. This unexpected problem led to the question: How do we manage physical mail remotely without affecting productivity?

Through Kefron’s innovative technology, the Medical Council experienced a seamless transition to managing physical mail remotely.

Physical mail management - Digital Mail Room


A Digital Mail Room Solution was established to fulfil the needs of the Medical Council. All incoming mail was routed to a PO box and redirected to Kefron, where our scanning team would systematically process each document, categorising them according to the parameters set by the Medical Council. This ensured that the relevant department was receiving the appropriate mail. The documents were then securely uploaded to the Medical Council’s database.

Mail Scanning - Digital Mail Room


Kefron’s extensive experience in delivering a digital mailroom solution enabled them to proactively address any potential issues prior to the start of the project, thus optimizing the speed and accuracy of the process. This enabled the council to streamline the management of incoming mail, and ensured that all captured data was handled with the utmost care and proficiency.

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