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reduction in invoice processing time

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The Numbers

193 roadside retail outlets


18,000 invoices per month



Applegreen experienced exponential growth across Ireland, UK and US, all of which dealt with a variety of Third Party suppliers in their day-to-day operations. The Accounts Payable (AP) process team struggled to keep up with new sites, complex  or complete lack of invoice coding and the increased volumes of invoices.

The priority was to find a Accounts Payable Automation Software solution that would be easy to implement, simple to use and that the AP team could understand quickly.


Through Kefron AP, Accounts Payable Automation Software, all documentation is sent to the same portal, no matter what channel it originates from. Paper invoices are scanned and uploaded on-site by the AP user while e-invoices (PDFs) are emailed to an automated email address from the different sites and are immediately made ready for processing. Kefron AP then reads and extracts the required invoice fields, including supplier name, supplier code, PO Number, Invoice Currency, Company Code and Net, Gross & VAT amounts.

Any discrepancies or invalid information that arise from invoices are pushed for user verification and routed to a workflow for validation by a member of the Applegreen AP team. The system also vets duplicate invoices and removes if the same invoice has been previously presented from the same supplier.

All documents received by Kefron AP are securely stored within the system, meaning they can be searched for and accessed later by the Applegreen team.


Since the system went live in March 2017, the Applegreen AP department has seen significant improvements in their accounts payable process. The length of the invoice queuing time was reduced by 80% in the first 3 months. Within 6 months, the company was completely paperless with all invoices routed through the Kefron portal, providing searchable invoice repository.

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