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Digitising Repetitive Tasks


Stonewater receives approximately 140 housing benefit schedules per month. A large proportion of these documents were being received in a pdf or paper format and therefore were being processed manually via data entry by Stonewater’s employees.

This consisted of the manual input of hundreds of lines worth of data. This was a hugely time-consuming process. Due to the manual and repetitive nature of the task, it was open to human error and time delays resulting in incorrect data being entered into the Housing Management System which later would need to be corrected.

Manual entry - Document scanning


Through the use of Kefron’s Scanning and Capture Services, the company eliminated all manual entry data processing from their schedules.

Kefron has designed a template for each variation of a payment schedule. This allows Stonewater to drop the various payment schedules into Kefron’s secure FTP server and extract data automatically. Kefron’s solution can extract data from any lined document and the resulting data is via CSV file and uploaded to Stonewater’s own Housing Management System.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation - AP Automation


By digitising repetitive tasks, Stonewater is now able to allow its staff to focus on more value-adding activities.

The enhanced data accuracy has further increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the process as time and resource is no longer required resolving data issues and inconsistencies. It has also provided an improved audit trail allowing Stonewater to ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and legislation in the way they process their housing benefit schedules.

Thanks to Kefron, Stonewater is assured that the information they process is up-to-date and accurate. It can be processed in a fast and efficient way whilst maintaining clear and transparent financial control.

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