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The Numbers

40,000 spare parts stock

300-500 invoices per month

Sage ERP System

Heriage Part Centre - automated invoice management

Automated Invoice Management Excellence

Journey to Automated Invoice Management Excellence

Challenges in Invoice Management

The finance team at Heritage Parts Centre was inundated with manual tasks. They had to keep track of physical invoices, enter data manually into the Sage accounting system, and often deal with lost or missing invoices.

The invoice authorisation process was equally challenging. Invoices were received through various channels, such as email and post, making tracking cumbersome. This lack of invoice management led to inefficiencies and unnecessary stress for the finance team.

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The Cornerstone of Heritage's Automated Invoice Management

Through the Kefron AP Solution, the entire invoice documentation, regardless of its source, is centralised in a single portal for streamlined automated invoice management. The system automatically picks up, reads, and processes the invoices based on the specified fields set by the Heritage team.

With seamless Sage integration capabilities, Kefron AP could effortlessly sync with Heritage’s existing accounting system, eliminating manual data entry. All processed invoices are archived and can be accessed at any time by the staff.

AP Automation - Sage - automated invoice management

Touch-Free Automated Invoice Management with Kefron AP

After implementing the Kefron AP automated invoice management solution, Heritage Parts Centre reported that up to 90% of their invoices are now processed touch-free. This has significantly freed up the finance team’s time and drastically reduced human-related errors.

Moreover, the automated invoice management system also eliminated duplicate invoices and provided increased visibility, giving greater control over the complete invoicing process.

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