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AccountsIQ ERP

12 houses

1,000 invoices per month

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The finance team had to keep track of the paper copies of invoices and manually enter them to the accounting system. The invoices had to be approved manually by the budget holders. This took significant time and we had problems with invoices going missing.

Furthermore, the storage of invoices was a big issue as school used to have more than 100 arch lever files to be stored every year. So, achieving a paperless accounts payable process for ease of processing, approval and record-keeping became a priority for Mill Hill.

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Kefron has automated the processing of around 1000 invoices a month on average. Kefron AP digitises invoices for ease of processing, approval and record keeping. The invoices are scanned, uploaded or emailed directly to the Kefron AP system and no matter how the invoice has been designed, they are processed within minutes of arriving.

Kefron AP was chosen not only because it had all the features that Mill Hill School was looking for, but also it had the pre-built AccountsIQ connector, that enables simple real-time data exchange between the two systems and eliminates the need to re-key information. The integration saves time by speeding up the accounts payable process.

AccountsIQ Integration - AP Automation


Accounts Payable Automation freed up Mill Hill School finance team’s time and allowed them to focus on other tasks. The system automatically captures the data and sends it to AccountsIQ with a digital image of the invoice. This means no manual keying of invoice information and significantly decreased errors associated with human touch points.

Automation provided complete and instant visibility to anyone authorised to view it. All invoices are digitally stored in Kefron AP with a copy available at AccountsIQ supplier ledger. This increased visibility has proven to drive accountability, accuracy and provide greater control on the accounts payable process.

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