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Emma Bridgewater automates AP



Paul Jepson, Financial Controller at Emma Bridgewater, realised that the processes employed by the AP team were largely outdated and many of the tasks were mundane. He felt that there was an opportunity to automate the scanning of invoices and the day-to-day tasks of entering data and processing and coding invoices as well as the job of chasing approvals.

Emma Bridgewater needed to free up time for their staff so that they could focus more on more valuable tasks.


AP Automation with Kefron AP


Kefron AP was chosen, not because of a high-pressure sales process, but because the solution was really well presented and had an easy-to-use user interface.

The return on investment calculation also made sense and a return could be generated in less than 12 months.





Kefron AP has eliminated those low added-value tasks and made the entire operation much more efficient.

The solution is also super easy to adapt because of the clear and simple user-interface which is pretty intuitive. There have been absolutely no problems with user adoption.

Finally, the Netsuite integration has been key in enabling the overall process to run smoothly. The Emma Bridgewater team can rely on clean, validated data being reliably exchanged between the two systems without a hitch.

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