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How a fintech company expanded without increasing headcount



After securing Series A funding, Freetrade set forth with ambitious expansion plans across Europe. However, their finance team encountered a significant hurdle that impeded scalability: a critical bottleneck stemming from the laborious task of manually inputting invoice data into NetSuite.

This time-consuming process consumed valuable resources and hindered operational efficiency. To overcome this obstacle, Freetrade embraced the power of invoice processing automation. By automating invoice data entry into NetSuite, they were able to streamline their operations, free up valuable time, and accelerate their expansion efforts without compromising accuracy or incurring additional costs.

How a fintech company expanded without increasing headcount


With ambitious plans to expand across Europe after Series A funding, Freetrade faced a critical bottleneck in scaling their finance team due to manual invoice data entry into NetSuite. Overcoming this challenge, they leveraged the power of invoice processing automation by partnering with Kefron AP, a trusted Built for NetSuite partner. Kefron AP seamlessly captured and pushed invoice data to NetSuite, enabling efficient approval workflows. The result was an impressive 84% reduction in invoice processing time, empowering Freetrade to scale their operations swiftly and effectively while optimizing their financial processes.

How a fintech company expanded without increasing headcount


By saving significant time in manual invoice processing, the finance team has redirected their efforts towards proactive supplier issue resolution and achieving exponential growth, all without the need to increase their headcount. This newfound efficiency allows them to focus on strategic initiatives that drive the company’s success while effectively managing supplier relationships and ensuring smooth operations.

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