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digitisation of legacy files

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9,000 students

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Dublin Business Scool Digitalisation - Files Scanning



Dublin Business School was looking to digitise a series of internal exam-related files, some of which were nearly 15 years old. The records varied considerably, largely due to different record-keeping practices and naming conventions used by different teams. This presented DBS with many challenges, including retrieving and accessing the correct records when and as needed.

Furthermore, the risk of misfiling individual data sheets after use into the incorrect folder became a major challenge for staff to manage, together with the physical storage of the records as DBS continued to acquire more students.

With the aim of fulfilling these requirements, DBS sought a scanning and capture partner to help digitise all of their exam files and eliminate the uncertainty of their current, less reliant way of accessing physical files.

Dublin Business School - Files Scanning


Kefron had been working with DBS as their document storage partner for a number of years prior to beginning the digitisation project.

Specialist technicians were allocated to carry out the project to ensure all individual files within the boxes were prepped and digitised as specified by DBS by file type. Any exceptions were tracked, recorded and reported back to the client immediately.

All digitised exam-related files were made available and securely transferred by Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) directly to DBS’ Shared Drive within the jointly agreed schedule.

DBS - Files Scanning


The digitisation of legacy exam records has freed up physical space in the office, improved accessibility for staff in completing verifications, even when working remotely, saved them a huge amount of time and greatly improved customer support queries response times.


DBS 2 - Files Scanning