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The Numbers

15 Employees

1,000 invoices per month

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Invoice Automation and Automated Approvals in DAF

The Challenge of Traditional Invoice Approval Processes

John O’Halloran, Financial Controller at DAF, and his finance team were not only overwhelmed with the manual entry of over 1,000 invoices but also faced inefficiencies in their existing invoice approval process.

They opted for invoice automation and considered automated approval solutions as an essential add-on for efficiency.

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Implementing the Invoice Automation Solution

The invoice automation system uploads invoices automatically from supplier emails and codes them.

The add-on feature for automated approvals then quickly routes each invoice to the AP team for validation, ensuring that only clean, verified data forms part of the invoice approval solution sent to Keyloop for payment.

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Outcome of AP Automation & Automated Invoice Approval Process

The introduction of Kefron AP’s invoice automation has drastically changed how DAF operates. Manual tasks have been significantly reduced, and invoice processing is 80% faster.

The add-on for automated approvals has been a game-changer, speeding up the invoice approval process and promoting better departmental collaboration.

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