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15 Employees

1,000 invoices per month



As a major automotive-retail business, the DAF Accounts Payable team dealt with over 1,000 invoices monthly that needed to be manually entered directly into Keyloop Drive, formally Kerridge, the specialist ERP and DMS systems for dealerships.

John O’Halloran, Financial Controller at DAF, and his finance team were faced with the challenge of getting clean and accurate invoice data from their suppliers into Keyloop and made the decision to look into digitally scanning their invoices .


The new automated process automatically uploads invoices to the system from supplier emails, then codes and routes each invoice to the AP team for approval. This process ensures only good, clean, validated data is sent to Keyloop for payment. This also means no more paper lying around the office, no more pulling copies of invoices, faster invoice approvals and no more duplicates.

The old manual process wasted so much time. By using Kefron AP to automate data entry and leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) to apply coding has significantly helped the team at DAF to route invoices to the right approvers faster.

Daft Truk


The ease of use of Kefron AP has made the adoption across the DAF team much easier. Manual processes have been drastically reduced, with processing times now 80% faster than before. But it’s not just about time, it’s also down to a more efficient process. The new workflow is so much better. Invoices are automatically coded and moved instantly to the approval stage. This saves DAF an enormous amount of time and allows collaboration within departments which el

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