The Numbers

260 employees

25 categories of market-leading brands

269,000 square feet warehouse

Boyne Valley - Digital Transformation 3 (1)


Path to Paperless Office


The company is driven by the pursuit of excellence in order to serve its customers at the highest level and felt there was a need to enable a more digital way of working and move away from paper-heavy and inefficient processes.

Due to the vast number of suppliers that Boyne Valley works with, producing and proving a large amount of delivery dockets dealt with on a daily basis was extremely time-consuming, making it an inefficient and unreliable process.

document scanning


Delivery dockets are securely collected from Boyne Valley premises by the Kefron logistics team and safely transported to Kefron’s facilities in Park West.

The documentation is then processed for digitisation using best-in-class scanning technology to intelligently capture information. Once all the paper dockets are scanned, they are uploaded and hosted onto the Kefron DM Portal. The portal makes all documents text-searchable and enables faster access to documentation to authorised end users via both structured and unstructured search capabilities.

On completion of the digitisation process Kefron also securely shreds all of the paper delivery dockets closing the chain of custody and providing Boyne Valley with peace of mind.

Boyne Valley - Digital Transformation 3


Now delivery dockets process is tight, efficient, accurate and reliable by integrating Scanning & Capture services with Kefron DM Portal solution.

Paper bottlenecks were efficiently reduced, released and removed with a digital counterpart available immediately from end users’ desktops.

The impact of data capture and workflow improved processing times significantly, reduced query management time and decreased costs. Furthermore, Kefron DM increased visibility by allowing instant search and retrieval of any documentation.


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