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The Numbers

NetSuite ERP System

200 Employees

900 invoices per month

AP Invoice Automation



200 Degrees Coffee required a new AP Invoice Automation solution compatible with their ERP solution, NetSuite, as their previous system wasn’t integrated. Their commitment to a completely paperless process was a pivotal factor in choosing a replacement.

They selected Kefron AP, a ‘Built for NetSuite’ integrations partner, satisfying their need for seamless integration and digital, paperless invoice management. This strategic choice enhanced their operational efficiency while supporting their dedication to environmental sustainability.

Coffee Bags - 200 Degrees Coffee - AP Invoice Automation


200 Degrees Coffee transformed its invoice management by partnering with Kefron AP, a ‘Built for NetSuite’ integrations partner, which seamlessly integrates with NetSuite without requiring any IT department involvement.

All invoices received by the company are promptly digitised and accessible on their portal on the same day of receipt, promoting a fully digital and paperless process.


The finance team at 200 Degrees Coffee, due to time savings from automating invoice processing, has reallocated their efforts towards supporting the sales team, proactively addressing supplier issues, and facilitating substantial growth. Remarkably, they’ve achieved this exponential expansion without necessitating an increase in staffing, showcasing the significant efficiency gains from their transition to an automated, paperless system.

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