The Numbers

150 suppliers

1,500 invoices per month

Autoline Kerridge ERP System

M50 Truck & Van Centre


AP Automation Journey


The manual input of data was proving to be a time-consuming process for the AP team. This slow process began to cause delays in payments to suppliers, who in turn would re-send the invoices, thus creating numerous duplicates. As this process rumbled on, the paper continued to pile up in the M50 office, making the documents more and more difficult to track.

Data from every invoice received had to be captured manually at the header level by the AP staff based in Head Office. The captured data was then uploaded into Autoline Kerridge, a Dealer Management System (DMS).

Invoice Automation Dealership Case Study 2

AP Automation Solution

Through Kefron AP, all invoices are received to the same portal. Once invoices have been successfully scanned and uploaded, Kefron AP automatically reads and extracts the required invoice fields including Supplier Code, PO Number, Invoice Currency, Net, Gross & VAT Amounts and VAT Codes.

Any anomalies or invalid information that arise from invoices are pushed for user verification and routed to a workflow for validation by a member of the M50 AP team. The system also vets duplicate invoices and removes if the same invoice has been previously presented from the same supplier.

Invoice Automation Dealership Case Study 3


The automatic upload of invoice information has eliminated the need for the manual input of information, freeing up the M50 AP team’s time significantly. It has also drastically reduced the paperwork involved, as files now arrive via the online portal, significantly lowered the prospect of files going missing.

The automation of the invoicing process means that invoices are no longer just sitting on desks, they can be accessed by multiple users at any time, giving greater control and visibility over the AP process and their total credit position.

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